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5 Steps To No More Stress

Inna Segal
Written by Inna Segal

Stress is one of the biggest problems facing Western Society. Many people are experiencing increased pressure to survive, pay bills, and achieve success in a competitive environment. People are constantly complaining that there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done and experience considerable stress trying to complete those tasks. This means that they neglect themselves and those close to them, which causes their health and wellbeing to deteriorate.

Stressed people often fail to live in the present, focusing instead on future events. Stress creates tension in people’s minds, bodies and feelings, and blocks them from moving forward in life. When people are stressed, they tire more quickly, their concentration levels decrease, they feel uninspired and take longer to complete tasks.

Below are 5 steps to NO MORE STRESS…

1. Recognize what is causing you stress

Is it your health, work, money, relationship or something else? Although it may be a combination of several things, make a decision to focus on one area! Once you clarify what it is, make a list of what is not working in you life. Then write down what steps you need to take to create change. Number them in an order of importance and place the list somewhere you can see (ie next to your bed).  Within 48 hours start to take actions no matter how small.

2. Ask for support

If you are feeling that you need help in an area of your life, then don’t be afraid to ask for it, whether it’s financial advice, help with raising children, or understanding how to start a business etc. Asking for help can save you a lot of time, frustration and mistakes. However, make sure that you ask the RIGHT people, in other words those, who have successfully created whatever it is you would like to do.

3. Think ahead 

People can create major anxiety by making decisions when they are either extremely emotional or elated. Make sure you think things through before you make important decision, which might cost you, time, money and sleepless nights. Don’t take on board more than you can handle even though you may feel great today. And learn to say No!


4. Acknowledge your feelings 

In order to release stress, you need to become aware of where you hold stress in your body. By slowing down, breathing slowly and focusing your attention on your body you will become aware of where you hold tension.

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings, discover the wisdom they hold and let go of what is no longer serving you. If you have time to go deeper put on some appropriate music and move your body to transform any stagnant feelings. If you are not much of a mover, paint, sing or do anything imaginative which allows you to express your feelings in a healthy creative way.

5. Rest 

The best way to deal with stress is to take time out. Go somewhere new, preferably into nature, where you can have time to rest, meditate, smell the flowers, eat healthy food and reset yourself.

On a physical level stress is a contributing factor to many physical problems, including strokes, seizures, heart attacks, immune system disorders, jaw problems, memory loss, teeth grinding, nailbiting, angina, anorexia, baldness, candida, and emphysema, among others.

You may also like to do a simple process from my best selling book The Secret Language of Your Body. 


Start by shaking your body vigorously for 30 seconds with the intention to shake out any stress. Then take some slow deep breaths and focus on the part of your body where you feel stress most intensely.

  • Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, using the orange-red flame of purification, please help me release all the ways I hold stress in my body. Inspire me to rest, nurture myself, and relax so that I can allow my body to revive and let go of tension, pressure, and strain. Every time I feel tension and stress in my body, remind me to breathe, relax, and unwind. Help me to find humor and lightness in stressful situations, and to become healthier, stronger, and more vibrant. Thank you.”
  • Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.
  • Observe the orange-red light moving through your body, mind, emotions, and energy field, and begin to clear and dissolve all negative thoughts, words, feelings, memories, and images of stress, heaviness, and tension.

What has helped you relieve stress?  Please share below with our OWL Tribe and let’s support each other…

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Inna Segal

Inna Segal

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