3 Successful Strategies Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Use To Keep Clients Coming Back

Mark Pettit
Written by Mark Pettit

During my 20+ years’ business career I’ve always been fascinated by business organisations and their structures, especially from heart-centered entrepreneurs focused on creating change and transformation.

With the launch and development of my own Business Coaching practice this has become even more of a passion as I see many business owners fail to put the right systems in place.

In the last few months, as my business focus has moved more towards retention and recommendation, I’ve looked to a number of these examples to help me ensure my clients stay on and keep coming back.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a large global brewer on their brand marketing and trade marketing campaigns.

I have been part of, and seen first-hand, their strategies for building initial and then long-term relationships with single and multi-business sites as well as 1000+ strong national groups by adding significant value to each ‘partner business’ every step of the way.

I find their way of building relationships, trust, loyalty and providing ongoing value fascinating

 A strategic approach to get clients to spend more and keep coming back.

When I look at the way this global brewer built loyalty to keep their customers engaged and growing over a long period of time it was truly groundbreaking.

They often worked with them at an individual level providing tangible benefits to help the business grow whilst increasing their own distribution, brands ‘on the bar’ and sales volume.

This relationship helped to facilitate great word of mouth and built ‘money can’t buy’ trust. The customer was also able to access exclusives and pre-launch offers as well as trial new beers before they hit the market.

That type of deep connection and mutually beneficial relationship building was exactly what I envisioned when I founded my coaching practice, Lucemi Consulting.

But, I wondered, how could I ensure that this type of structure was built in and that I could keep my clients coming back?

Strategic Retention Principles

Building on my knowledge of leading a successful marketing agency and within my coaching practice now, there are a number of strategies I believe are the cornerstones of creating a business that can build long-term client relationships.

This applies specifically to learning, development or change businesses but the principles can be used at some level in every business:

1. It’s About Them, Not You

If your product or service is designed exclusively with your customer in mind, not you then you are bound to have more success.

You want to be focused on creating great value for the people paying you money – so start everything with them in mind.

Ask yourself, what would be a really amazing experience for my customer so they can see the value in working with me/buying from me and they understand the importance of coming back to me?

If they feel that and have that experience, there should be nothing stopping them from buying again.

Always ask yourself – Is this about them (my customer) or about me? If it is always about them and you create the right experience/service, you will build loyalty and a referral machine. This could be key to your success

2. Create A Lasting Impact

What you deliver for your customers/clients has to live on after you finish working with them.

It has to be such an experience that it has the ability to transform their lives when they leave a workshop/class/training room/online class etc

If you really understand your customers and who they are in their business and personal life and your impact on them is meaningful then they will keep coming back.

3. Give Your Customers A Reason To Refer You

The results and experiences you create for your customers/clients is different based on the industry you’re in but the end result is the same – you want your best customers to refer others to you.

In my coaching business, some of the results my clients experience in their business and personal life far exceed what they thought was possible.

Through that change and through the results they create, people want to tell others that are important to them about their experience of working with me. They hope that I can create similar results for them.

The thing is, people want to refer. They want to share their positive experiences.

These are the three simple strategies I’ve built a lot of my operations structure on and I hope at least one of these will prove beneficial to you.

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