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Your Sensitivity Is Your SUPERPOWER!

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Your sensitivity is your superpower! Please allow yourself to receive and expand this beautiful energy. Relish it!

Your sensitivity is also a gift given to you by the Universe!
So please, don’t be so ready to return it.


When you properly understand how beautifully powerful your heightened sense of feeling is—you’ll soon realize that it’s also in line with your natural ability to intuit.

You see, your acute emotional insight is the very thing that’s going to help you shift into the next chapter in your life. The more you navigate your energy by way of your emotions, the more you become self-empowered and your energy becomes for more vibrant (no matter what’s happening in the world around you).

Yep! That’ll improve your own attractor factor!

Keep this in mind…

There’s a difference between feeling emotionally empowered vs. engaging in emotional power struggles.

Can feel the energetic difference in that?


The more CONSCIOUS and self-aware you are of both light and dark energy, the greater your perception of energy becomes as a whole. This expands your ability to read people and situations with much more accuracy. This isn’t an exact blueprint, but it’s still quite MAGNIFICENT!

Feeling and reflecting on your own emotional insight can help you usher in the renewal and empowerment you’ve been looking for. Your own intellect and emotional insight from your heightened sensitivity will help you see what you feel (including identifying what’s draining you and what’s holding you back).

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, then you’ve likely heard me talk about the importance of looking at your life and any situation from a 50K view. This is looking at life (and any situation) from a higher plane and with your highest self.

Your sensitivity is what gives you a natural ability to do this, but you may get clouded in the process because of how you receive the energy.

In other words…

Because you’re so “open” and nice and giving you’re like a sponge, and you soak up all the energy without discernment or management of it. This clouds your clarity and shrinks your ability to trust your intuition.

Your life is a spiritual practice (CLICK HERE to learn more) and it’s through a consistent practice looking at the world from a higher plane that will help you improve the management of your energy (and your emotions). The better you get at it, the better you become at self-mastery! (Please read that again).

Some things to consider in your practice…

1. Protecting Your Energy.

Be cautious about how you approach this! “Protecting” or “shielding” energy techniques are good, but I’ve found them rarely to be necessary.

Protecting your energy is the exception, not the rule. It’s a unique situation that’s required for “protecting” or “shielding” your energy.

Protecting your energy may have served you well early in your spiritual journey, but too much of this and you miss the broader perspectives (or 50K foot view).

If “protecting” your energy is your habit, then please consider the effects…

  • What energy are you generating and creating by ‘protecting’, and therefore, what kind of energy is influencing and creating your life?
  • What ripple effect are you putting out into your world, and the world by doing so?

Not everything that feels hard and dark or heavy is an “attack” on you. A habitual response to life feeling like you’re being attacked will only keep you experiencing the same and living life in mediocrity. (CLICK HERE to learn more in Chapter 3, Empowered Sensitivity).

2. Energy is mutable.

Energy is mutable and you are the agent of change from dark to light energy. This is important when you consider what I shared about protecting your energy. If you habitually protect your energy, you’re missing opportunities.

Your sensitivity is a source of your strength (it’s not a weakness).

Here are tips to keep yourself feeling empowered:

  • When you feel emotions choose to observe what you feel (and you’ll naturally absorb lower vibrating energy less).
  • See things exactly as they are and trust that it has a purpose. Even if it feels hard it has a purpose. Choose to explore the purpose. Remember: there are NO ACCIDENTS in this Divine Universe.
  • Limit your exposure to the things that drain you (news, noise, gossip mongers, and clutter).
  • When you feel “stuck” then move your body and practice flexibility and your mindset will follow with more flexibility, too! Your outer world has the capacity to influence your inner world.

The consistent action of keeping your mind strong keeps you smarter and more empowered while you practice embodying higher vibrating energy. You simply have to get into the spirit of a consistent practice!

Everything is energy and energy is everything and being so “open” to feel doesn’t mean your heightened sensitivity is a problem.

Quite the opposite!

Your sensitivity is your SUPERPOWER!

Until next time…

Explore, Expand, Enjoy!

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of Your Energy Makeover, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership, and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches her students to overcome and heal from abuse, obesity, and depression.

Maria has impacted the lives of millions through her online programs and social media presence. Maria has created a space for others to find self-love, self-discovery, self-improvement, and a renewed trust in their own intuition that answers the inner ache for those wanting more meaning and fulfillment in life.

Maria's purpose is to educate individuals to the reality that everyone (no exceptions) is a Sacred Thumbprint of the Universe (an extension and expression of the Universe) and therefore have an innate ability to work in HARMONYwith the Universe by integrating their own Spiritual Force supporting the creation of joyful, successful, meaningful, and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria's proven that her real and practical approach and systems work with clients around the world who've experienced massive breakthroughs.