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4 Simple Energy-Care Practices To Improve Your Life (And The World)

Written by Gina Sendef

Self-care is the cornerstone to your well-being.  When you address the energy component of self-care (what I like to call energy-care), you can make a much more positive impact in all areas of your life.  The reason for this is because it is your personal energy frequency (or vibration) that attracts like energy to you; this is the Law of Attraction.

Energy-care is a set of practices that help you maintain a higher vibration, making you a match to other high vibrating energy frequencies (like abundance, joy, peace, optimal health etc…).  These practices can include spiritual practices, exercise, energy healing, energy protection, rituals, etc…  When you are diligent with energy-care, as part of an overall self-care regimen, you will generally feel better and have a better state of energy flow or chi.

Implementing energy-care practices as an ongoing part of your self-care regimen has broad positive results and impact.  Being responsible for the energy you bring to the world is not only about self improvement and well-being, it is about the impact you make in the world.  We each contribute to the greater whole of planetary energy with our personal energy; which is the only thing we can truly control (the self).  The focus of energy-care is to maintain a higher vibration, which not only attracts other high vibrating energy, it also adds high vibrating energy to the world, which helps raise the vibration of the planet (and universe on a larger scale).

Your self-care is not selfish; it is a simple, yet powerful, way that you impact the greater good.  How you impact it is your choice.  You can neglect yourself and create low vibrating energy or you can take care of yourself and create higher vibrating energy.  Energy-care is an easy way to take care of yourself and create higher vibrating energy that improves all areas of your life and our planet.

Here are 4 simple energy-care practices to improve your life (and he World):

1. Energy Protection:

Protecting your energy refers to being aware of your own vibration and field of energy; taking mindful action to keep your energy clear, balanced and high vibrating for your optimal well-being. This helps to avoid getting drained, feeling overwhelmed, becoming anxious or manifesting physical symptoms (like pain or headaches).  Here are 5 techniques for daily energy protection:  READ MORE.

2. Energy Clearing:

Maintaining a higher vibration requires a combination of daily energy protection and daily energy clearing for consistent results.  Clearing your energy field at the end of the day ensures that you releasing negative energy that can result from your environment and the energy that surrounds you every day.  It also allows you to face and release any low vibrating energy that you have developed as a result of your choices (like anger or stress for instance).  Here is an excellent energy clearing ritual:

Angel and Elements Energy Clearing Ritual
Air:  smoldering sage or sage incense
Fire:  lit candle
Earth:  sea salt
Water:  a bowl of water
With your sage smoldering or incense burning, meditate silently for a few minutes before starting the ritual.

Step 1: Element Cleanse

Hold your hands over the incense or sage and say, “with air I cleanse myself.” Let the smoke surround your fingers for a few moments. Feel the cleansing properties of sage immerse you.

Next hold your hands above the candle (at a safe distance) and say, “with fire I cleanse myself.” Visualise the flame burning away anything unwanted within you.

Now take the sea salt and crumble it between your fingers, gently rubbing it on your hands, and say, “with earth I cleanse myself.”

Then dip your hands in the water, again gently rubbing your hands, and say “with water I cleanse myself.” Sit in silence for a moment while you let the elements do their Clearing work.

Step 2: Releasing Negative Energy with Archangel Michael

The most effective way of releasing negative energy is to firmly ask and let go.  Go inside yourself, become completely aware of your body, and say the following: “Archangel Michael please help me release any energy that no longer serves me; I let go now. I am releasing this energy for transmutation, cut the cords now.  And so it is”.  Say it with conviction, like a firm but loving parent. Keep repeating it, and pay attention to any feelings in your body. As you say these words, negative energy will shed from you like the skin off a snake. If you’re sensitive you may be able to feel a pulling sensation or a feeling of suddenly becoming lighter. Repeat until you feel intuitively done (this can be 10 times or 50 times, anything that feels right for you.)

Step 3: Filling with Light

This step is vital: after releasing the negative energy you will have holes in your aura which must be filled with light. Otherwise other negative energy will easily latch on to you and you’ll have to start the process again. Visualize your crown (the top of your head) opening up, like a funnel going from the heavens into your body. Visualize pulling down divine white light that will fill every gap in your aura as you repeat the words: “Archangel Michael please fill my body with pure healing light.” Repeat a few times until you intuitively feel you can stop.  During the rest of the day/evening, whenever it comes to mind, visualize your open crown and the light flowing into you.

Step 4:  Gratitude

Blow out the candle and extinguish the safe or incense.  Thank the angels and elements for the clearing and healing with tehe following “Archangel Michael and elements of Mother Earth, thank you for the clearing and healing of my energy.  You have restored my spirit so I can bring more peace, love and light to all. And so it is”

3. Chakra Balancing:

Chakras are energy points in our bodies, there are hundreds of them.  The 7 major chakras run from the base of your spine to the top of your head (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown).  These chakras each have a color that is translucent  (the colors of the rainbow starting with the root chakra) and they spin in clockwise harmony when clear and balanced (similar to a ceiling fan when you are looking up at it).  Our chakras absorb energy from our environment, other people, our emotions and anything we put in, on or around our bodies (foods, personal care items, household cleaners etc…).   Our chakras can become cloudy or unclear and out of balance (literally not spinning in harmony) from negative energy.  This is a common occurrence, but if left unchecked over time it can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, health issues (especially with the organs in the areas of each Chakra), and other problems like financial and relationship issues.  Healing crystals can help to clear and open chakras and restore balance; doing this on a regular basis (weekly or more often) helps to improve health and maintain optimal well being.  You can simply lay with a corresponding healing crystal stone on each chakra for about 15 minutes while listening a guided meditation or relaxing music.  READ MORE.

4.  Meditation:

Meditation is a spiritual practice.  There are many benefits of meditation, for energy-care it absolutely helps to release negative energy and bring about more peace in your life.  It is also a way to connect with spirit and your higher self.  The best way to do this is through breath and silence.  The combination of deep, therapeutic breathing while quieting your mind is the most efficient way to get connected; but this is not easy for many people to accomplish.  It takes time and discipline; that’s why meditation is called a practice.  Unfortunately, most people give up on meditation because of uncertainty and frustration; leaving its many benefits for maintaining a higher vibration behind.

Here is an article with many ideas about creating a daily meditation practice. READ MORE

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