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The 5 Self-Care Strategies With Sunny Dawn Johnston

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Sunny Dawn Johnston was a guest on my One Wise Life Show where she shared her recommendations to make her days empowered and it all starts with self-care. Sunny shared her personal morning practice with the OWL Good Vibe Tribe. Most important is not to delay your self-care but create one and do it consistently.

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Notes from the Show:

1. Meditate.

  • A time to acknowledge her Spirit, connected to and with Spirit. Connection is the most important for receiving and being OPEN during meditation and the rest of day.  Meditation supports intuition.  Time to meditate varies for everyone.

2. Open your arms wide.

  • Feels and say, “I am open to receive.”  This opens your ability to receive everything from love, money, compliments, and more.
  • Opening the arms, opens the heart chakra.
  • Opening the arms helps you “bring it in.”

3. Ask Arch Angel Michael to help MAINTAIN your energy

  • Call in and invite energy of Archangel Michael to help maintain your own energy. Archangel Michael helps you with maintaining your energy so you can be more of an OBSERVER of energy and not an ABSORBER of energy.
  • Ask for help with maintaining your energy (this naturally protects you and empowers you versus empowering that which you resist by “protecting” yourself from it or anyone).
Become an OBSERVER of energy not an ABSORBER of energy. ~Sunny Dawn JohnstonClick To Tweet

4. Ask, “How may I be of service?”

  • Be open to be of service and be OPEN so that you can be of service to YOURSELF, too.
  • Be open to RECEIVE.

5. Say, Thank you.

These 5 strategies help Sunny maintain her energy and live an elevated life.

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