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Remove Your Money Blocks (And Redirect Your Life With FREEDOM)

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Everything is energy and energy is EVERYTHING …even money!  Your energy and the expansion of your energy shows up in everything you think, say, and do.  So if money is something you struggle attracting into your life, you’ve got to look at your life from every direction.

The best way I’ve found to go about this is to look at yourself and your life as the OBSERVER of it (and do so without judgment of it).  You’re simply connecting the dots and then refining and defining yourself and your life to always be moving toward IMPROVEMENT.

Below are 5 examples of behavior patterns that create money energy BLOCKS:

1. How often do you blame your parents, politicians, or anyone/anything else for your situation now?

So, if you think about this for a minute (not far removed) Do you somewhere in your beliefs around money, think that money is the root of evil or connected to thieves or people who “cheat” the system, too?

Truth is, not all “rich” people are cheaters and takers of the world. In fact, if you really pay attention, what’s “bad” about “rich” people is what media sensationalizes because let’s face it …headlines sell until the next “bad” person pops up to take over the headlines.

Ask yourself (honestly), how much of that sensationalism has sneaked its way into your belief system? Yet, at the same time you want more money, right?  You can’t have two opposing energies about money. It won’t work and you end up STUNTING your money wealth.

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Money DOES NOT only flow to the hustlers and cheaters of the world. It’s simply not true. Truth is, money (if you had more) when you REALLY THINK ABOUT IT gives you more FREEDOM. Period. 

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SHIFT YOUR ENERGY: FOCUS on that feeling of FREEDOM and make it your new GO TO memory and feeling of your own FREEDOM next time you catch yourself thinking money in a low vibrating energy frequency.  

2. Do you hold Money Judgments?

Do you NOT bend down to pick up pennies and coins you see in the parking lots and sidewalks because you feel embarrassed and think others might see you and think you’re desperate (or cheap)?

Do you “judge” money itself and thinks it’s dirty? And so, because you think it’s “dirty” then you don’t want to get your hands, pockets, purse, dirty?

Remember that MONEY energy has the capacity to change INSTANTLY!  After all, money Energy is only responding to your Money Energy Frequency.

SHIFT YOUR ENERGY: If you are choosing RIGHT NOW to upgrade your energy, and you see a shiny coin right after you’ve made that intention THANK THE UNIVERSE and show GRATITUDE!!  These are signs, signals, and gratitude grants you more experiences like the ones you WANT!  Who doesn’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE when money flows to you in the most unexpected ways???  That’s FUN!

3. Do you RESPECT money and honor it in every way?

What does your wallet or purse look like?  Is it messy and disorganized?  The way you keep your money COMMUNICATES to the Universe.  

Think about it this way… 

If you keep a messy purse, wallet, and bills (late paying bills or messy filing system)…then your energy is effectively communicating that you don’t really care too much about money and so money isn’t a higher priority or energy the Universe can respond to…so it doesn’t.

SHIFT YOUR ENERGY: Declutter and show Reverence for your money and it will go a long way to more Money ABUNDANCE for you.

4. Do you complain about how much things cost?

What are your feelings when you walk through a high-end store and see a purse or shoes for $1000 or more?  Do you feel disgust for the items in any way?

Remember your word CREATE YOUR EXPERIENCE. If you’re thinking and feeling that things are “too expensive” and then BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR WORDS BY verbally expressing it, then guess what? Things will continue to be “out of reach for you and too expensive”

SHIFT YOUR ENERGY: Practice the power of the pause and choose a NEW RESPONSE that will better serve you.  Choose your words wisely and remember that your words activate your vibration and in return will CREATE your new reality moving forward.

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In case you’ve forgotten… YOU are a sacred thumbprint of the UNIVERSE.  

POWERFUL in every way and able to GROW and OUTGROW your present state and circumstance.  

ABUNDANCE is already yours…

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Maria Flynn

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