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5 Reasons Why You Struggle With Manifesting

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Manifesting and Law of Attraction (sometimes it works, other times it feels like it doesn’t). When it comes to the easy stuff it can feel easy and get you excited. When it comes to manifesting the bigger more life impacting things, you struggle.

Is this you? 

It was definitely me until I took my life and my highly-sensitive empathic self more SERIOUSLY.  Only and until this happens will you then amplify your own signal enough to get different results in your life.

If you want something different for your life, then you have to DO different. If you want to raise the quality of your life, then you must also raise the quality of your thinking, saying, and doing, too.

Start with investigating some of the principles that engage the Law of Attraction, and decide if you’re mastering them.

Below are common areas where I see clients struggle:

1. You Don’t Understand Energy

It all starts with your ENERGY. You have to get it right and keep it flowing and expanding TOWARD and FAVOR of the direction you want.  Anything less and manifesting becomes haphazard (at best).

This isn’t woo-woo. EVERYTHING is energy and energy is EVERYTHING. When you get this (I mean really get it), your world will never look the same again.

When you understand how profound energy is, then you’ll get to the root cause of why you manifest what you manifest. This is understanding and reading the space before the thoughts, the feelings, and the actions. This is the space that motivates and influences what happens next.

Only you can bring power to the ENERGY (the word and its influence), beyond the casual statements like “that’s good energy” or “he/she is bad energy.” In fact, if you’re still using these phrases, you have a lot to learn about energy. Yikes!

Everything is energy and energy is EVERYTHING and therefore it’s the fuel for you to expand your own awareness and it’s there for you to use the power of what you know to change the course of your life (if you so choose).

Understanding energy, energy work, and healing your own energy is an important pre-curser to creating ABUNDANCE.

2. You’re Still Manifesting From Fear

If you’re still manifesting from fear, you’re wasting your precious time. For example (and I get this a lot), many believe that money will solve their problems. Ok…for the sake of this article, let’s go with that. Let’s say it does. You make a certain amount of money your clear desire but let’s pause for a second and understand the energy and space before the desire (the feeling, the thought, the action for what you want).

Is the desire for money because you’re on a financially slippery slope to bankruptcy?

Is it because you have no idea how to come up with your next house payment?

Is the energy and space BEFORE the desire from fear, lack, or frustration?

If you answered ‘YES’ then, you’ll struggle with manifestation.

Law of Attraction responds to your energetic frequency. This is your signal to everything and everyone around you. It’s your signal to the Universe! And so… Fear begets Fear. Lack begets Lack. Frustration begets Frustration.

3. You Haven’t Adjusted Your Beliefs and Value System

Let go back to the money example from #2 and expand on that one…

Let’s presume you want more money, but what are your beliefs around money generally speaking?

How are you feeling about money when you’re not in the space of “needing it.”  For example, when you hit a Nordstrom’s Department Store and see a pair of $3,000 shoes, what do you think? Is it a waste? Are you wondering who the heck buys these things and why? Do you feel less low vibrating feelings about it?  If so… that signal is what the Universe picks up from you. How do you think this influences money for you overall (especially when you “need” it)?

When you see successful people, who are rich and happy and living in the big house with the fancy car… Do you think it’s wasteful? Do you think it was “given” to them? Do you think they’re “lucky?” Do feel as though you don’t deserve it?

I’ll ask again… how do you think those beliefs influence your own signal and money attraction potential and potency?

Beliefs are infinite and everyone has their own. Your beliefs are yours to explore and improve if they need it. One person’s way of showing and having money doesn’t have to be yours.

For example, one sure fire way to wipe out low vibe beliefs when you see others flaunt and enjoy their riches is to say to yourself, “Wow…anything is possible! People make $3K shoes because someone else can afford them. Cool! I love that there is variety to choose from, how fun!”

Your goal is to adjust and tap into an improved frequency of ABUNDANCE (that’s all). It doesn’t mean you’re buying $3K shoes (unless you want to).

VARIETY is the spice of life. Think less critical thoughts and more about infinite possibilities.

Like beliefs, everyone has their own values, too.

Knowing what you value is HIGH PRIORITY when it comes to manifesting. My favorite quote from former US Vice President, Joe Biden:

Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I’ll tell you. ~Joe Biden

If you value the almighty TV, social media, friendships that spawn town gossip for hours on end VERSUS putting your time, energy, and resources TOWARD what you want. You already know how this is influencing your ability to attract.

4. You Fail To Invest

Investing means you’ll get an ROI (Return On Investment). The successful FULLY grasp this concept and are very careful about what they choose to INVEST and where they choose to SPEND.

INVESTMENT of time, energy, and resources TOWARD what you want CREATES an ROI and RESULTS and with that you can make more intelligent decisions about moving forward because you have better information by way of results.

SPENDING time, energy, and resources is for the TEMPORARY. Yes, that new smartphone, TV, dinners out, cafe late, etc… Some of which are fun and definitely good for your spirit, but how much of your life would you say is spending versus investing?

That being said, when you get this, then #3 (above) will make a lot more sense to you. Investing in communities, masterminds, coaches, and programs that support your ability to expand your mindset, improve your quality of life, and inspire more success is a reflection of what you value.

5. You Lean Into Convenience

This isn’t entirely your fault, but I would encourage you to consider how society influences your mindset, your choices that follow, and how it’s influencing your life and your ability (or inability) to manifest.

Today’s world is for all tense and purposes instant.  More and more, we as a whole, are demanding instant. How frustrated are you when you Google something and that spinning wheel shows up taking too long to load? Anything over a few extra seconds feels like forever, yes? Most of our world is one where anything you want can be ordered with the click of a button.

Health and weight loss is another common area where quick and easy fail you. Too many jump into what’s the fastest way to do it? What’s the quick fix?

Without proper understanding of your energy, your energetic momentum, and what you want to manifest and create has left people with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to the Law of Attraction. It’s left too many people feeling defeated.

It’s true… and it’s easy to say to YES to what’s easy and convenient…

YES… visualize 10-minutes a day. Easy enough!

YES… create a vision board. Easy and fun!

YES… say the affirmations. Super easy!

BUT… A few minutes in a day with 1440 minutes is not enough to influence your overall energy and vibration (your signal to the Universe). It’s helpful…but not sufficient.

Nothing extraordinary and amazing started with easy and convenient.

Remember, for the magic to show up, it requires a magician, too. YOU are the magician for your life. Every moment and EVERYTHING you think, say, and do either adds to the momentum of energy (and attraction and creation) or suffocates it.

Hope I’ve got you thinking… 

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of Your Energy Makeover, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership, and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches her students to overcome and heal from abuse, obesity, and depression.

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