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3 Ways To Shift From Abundance FAIL to Abundance FLOW

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Abundance FLOW (in every area of life) is a high vibrating energy aligned with a thriving, authentic and an abundant lifestyle.  Abundance fail is still abundant (just abundant of things you don’t want).  So which is it for you…fail or flow?

Living in abundant flow means living a life that feels FULFILLED and PURPOSEFUL.  It’s the very reason why we are here…to fulfill a purpose.  You have a very special talent and it’s meant to be shared with the world.

Somehow though, the details of life take over and you find yourself on that hamster wheel of life (doing everything you’re supposed to every day) and time for you and fulfillment falls through the cracks.  The “right time” for you disappears and abundance fail takes the reigns.

No matter what your situation, if you really want things to change you can take the steps (even baby steps) to get there.


Don’t let the cloud of day-to-day routines and tasks take your dreams away.  Give yourself permission to rise, discover, and claim what you want.  Go figure it out!  It doesn’t mean ignore your responsibilities—but it does mean to create the time and space to go find what lights your fire.

TRUTH:  On the road of discoveries, you’ll find things that start with enthusiasm and then fizzle out.  It’s OK…you just eliminated something off your list and you move on to the next. 


Finding your purpose doesn’t start with the money.  Money is not the reason for your purpose, it’s the supplement and expansion of your purpose.  Starting with how to make more money first is putting your energy and efforts in the abundance fail lane.  It’s the mentality that already starts because of LACK mentality.

TRUTH:  Quick cash is possible, but it isn’t long-term if not aligned with purpose.  When purpose takes the lead, money follows.



Visualising what’s possible for you is good, but not good enough.  To manifest your vision…you must actively participate in manifesting it.  It’s up to you!  Yes… it’s work, but if you’re on purpose, it won’t feel like work because you’ll be in FLOW.  Visualization, affirmations, even journaling your ideas is an excellent start…but also allow for creative thinking because it lets you welcome ideas on manifesting, too.  Put yourself in the places that inspire more ideas in the areas that interest you (consider volunteering, become an apprentice, an intern, start a blog, find a mentor or a coach).  The possibilities are always there to take it to the next level.

Inspired service is the path to greater abundance. ~Mark Pettit

TRUTH:  The more you invest your time, energy and resources (responsibly) toward the things that align with your purpose, the more your confidence increases and with that comes personal empowerment and growth.  When your energy shifts in this way, so does your ability to ATTRACT more of what you want.

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive, an online course designed to help individuals effectively heal, overcome struggle, and experience Spiritual awakening that unfolds self-empowerment creating joyful and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches to overcome obesity and depression to becoming the thought leader she is today using social media and creating a growing fan-base spanning the globe.

Maria has impacted the lives of millions through her online coaching programs and social media presence. With more than 280K Facebook followers and a Facebook LIVE show called, ABUNDANT Lifestyle with Maria Flynn, Maria has created a space for self-love, self-discovery, and self-improvement that answers the inner ache for those wanting more meaning and fulfillment in life and who are tired of suppressing it.

Maria's purpose is to educate individuals to the reality that everyone (no exceptions) is a Sacred Thumbprint of the Universe (an extension and expression of the Universe) and therefore have an innate ability to work with the Universe by integrating their own Spiritual Force supporting the creation of joyful, successful, meaningful, and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria's proven that her real and practical approach and system works with clients around the world who've experienced massive breakthroughs.