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3 Ways The Heart is Leading You to ABUNDANCE!

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Is it your heart leading you toward a path of more love, freedom, peace, and ABUNDANCE?  OR…is or your mind mastering YOU into situations making you insecure and turning you into a control freak?

With my recent ABUNDANCE BOOTCAMP online experience, I had many people write to me sharing how they had forgotten who they were and were grateful for the release meditation I shared.  Some brought to tears, it was a clear reminder of what’s possible when you align yourself with WHO YOU REALLY ARE (and let me add… control freak lead by stress and lack is not who you are).

To be sure, you are already ABUNDANT (in either the things you want…or abundant in the things you don’t).

Aligning more with ABUNDANCE energy where the heart is leading is allowing more dissolution of barriers so that you can welcome the kind of wealth and prosperity you seek (in all areas of life).  Sounds nice, right?

The heart led life has an expression and communication that is truly aligned with ABUNDANCE (in the way you want to experience it). Here’s how to know how your heart expresses and leads you to abundance:

1. Heart Expression and ABUNDANCE in RELATIONSHIPS:

Communication, connection in all relationships includes the desire for those you connect with—to enjoy the same as what you want—freedom, peace, and love.  When the heart is leading then it truly wants liberation for everyone without exception (including yourself).

When it comes to disagreements in a relationship, love wants things to work out for the greatest and highest good for everyone.  It steps away from blame and judgment and drama.  The heart leads with a calm voice and it desires healing, understanding, and coming away even better than before the disagreement.  In every way, empathy is actively awakened, encouraged and expanded.

2. Heart Expression and ABUNDANCE of LUXURIES:

In the world of luxuries, the heart enjoys it fully with one BIG DIFFERENCE—it isn’t stuck there.  The heart enjoys sharing. The heart expresses with high vibrational flow helping others with loving and healing compassion so that others can also rise up to the luxuries they want to experience.

You’ll know when the heart is leading because you know there is plenty for everyone.

3. Heart Expression and ABUNDANCE for ONESELF:

When the heart leads it doesn’t desire to possess anyone or anything from a place of lack and “not having.”  It freely enjoys having and it lets go. It is completely aware of the experience of how things came to be and why thing go.  It’s more about the expansion during the processes and loves and trusts it completely.

The heart will always lead you to lean into creating, co-creating, expanding, and growing in every way.

The heart expression invites you to keep learning (especially about yourself) which includes discovering what makes life meaningful for you.  It wants you to discover your purpose.   The hearts want you dive deep into life and explore the things that interest you with fervor.


Inviting the Heart To Express More

The heart is designed to elevate us and transform us in miraculous ways (this is where ABUNDANCE in the way all of us desire (whether you realize it or not) resides.

First, it’s important to know the difference between MIND chatter and Heart Lead Expression.  Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., President and CEO of HeartMath Institute says, “the heart often speaks to us quietly and with common sense. The mind tends to rationalize our desires and reactions.”

In Deborahs Huffington Post article she recommends the following:

1: Bring the attention to the area of your heart and breathe slowly and deeply.

2. Build a swell and sustain a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone or something in your life.

3. Expand these feelings of care and appreciation toward yourself and others for 5 minutes or more.

Deborah says that if you catch your mind wandering, just refocus your attention on the heart area and reconnect with feelings of care and appreciation or other heart qualities. Pay attention to how expanding the feeling of love and care has affected your body, emotions, and thinking.  Be open to receiving your heart’s intuitive guidance by asking your heart, “Is there anything you would like me to know at this moment?”  Write down whatever you feel nudged to write.

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