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5 Reasons Highly Sensitive People Require Energy Healing For A Healthy Life.

Amanda Foy
Written by Amanda Foy

Have you ever sat there in contemplation of why your heart feels so heavy? Why after doing your gratitude journal, or lunch with your favourite people, you walk away feeling like a dark wet blanket has been rested over your entire body? You very

well might be a sensitive. It’s a question you should ask if you are living with depression, anxiety or things like agoraphobia as well. Knowing that many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle make up the great whole, people with sensitive souls, out of awareness, can be the ones who suffer the most. Today is the day that you or someone you know might be set free from having the word suffering show up in your vocab too often.

In all seriousness I want to change that title of this piece to “5 Reasons Highly Sensitive People Require Energy Healing For The Rest Of Their Lives.” That onion layer analogy is very poignant when you are dealing with humanity.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why highly sensitive people as well as mildly sensitive people require energy healing:

1.  Quantity of humans alive today

For the first time in humanity there are more humans than ever alive at the same time. As a sensitive, sometimes from a global perspective, you feel the pain of the world.  Then in your everyday environment, you can also feel it when your lovely neighbour’s living with profound heartache at the loss of their favourite pet. With the advent of social media too, we are learning, very soon after the fact, of atrocities around the globe, so when global consciousness gets triggered into fear, a sensitive can dive into the darkness. Living with and learning about Energy Healing can and will give you the tools to, largely, stay separate from those who are suffering in the world.  The good news with more humans than ever before, there are more energy healers than ever before too.

2.  Energy Healing allows you to stay in compassion without suffering

When you embrace energy therapies into your everyday health practices, you effectively give your energy system a clean out that allows you to wash away the darkness to exist in a place of compassion for those who are physically living in the trauma in their now. It’s like you are defragging your computer’s hard drive to take away all the unnecessary files that are slowing down your operating system. Energy is not something that you can physically see outside of very cool quantum experiments. We can’t see the stress on our computer system, but we know to go through the FAQs on google to find out how to treat a lethargic computer and take step by step actions to clean it up. Energy healing is like the Google Search of FAQs for your soul.

3. Energy Healing coats your soul in Teflon and keeps you in YOUR now

One key analogy for sensitives that is worth its weight in gold is that without fail, a sensitive soul is a proverbial sponge.  You know those things sitting on the kitchen sink to mop up water and spillages by just laying it on said water and spillages. Or the thing sitting in the bucket that you use to clean your bathroom. The thing that you need to throw away after a couple of uses because it ends up smelling that funky you think something that should be in a National Geographic Documentary is in it. Energy healing turns that manky funky sponge into a Teflon coated compassion train that can only exist in the space of now. Energy healing cleans out that sponge and diffuses the magnets of doom that exist in it.

4. Energy healing gives you permission to ask questions first

Speaking of the magnets of doom, this is conditioning that a sensitive lives with. Awareness is the key to unlock the treasures of the world, and often you find with sensitives who are suffering, that they are living out of awareness as to the possibilities those magnets of doom bring. Often they are also surrounded by people out of awareness as well. That means that when the darkness starts to show itself, the sensitive becomes conditioned to believe that it is their darkness and to just prepare for the onslaught of yuck. If your soul has an agreement with other souls that love and live on drama, then as the sensitive, you’re like the Philosopher’s Stone of the Misery Guts World. They will tap into your sponge and use it as their energy source to keep them alive. {Insert crazy demented Dracula laughing} When you embrace energy healing, you start to learn to ask “is this mine?”. You stop being the person that goes into automatic overdrive and the awareness fairy becomes your best friend, because your eyes open really wide, and you get to see what’s going on around you. At first, the process will be a little clunky, you may want to rung screaming from all the misery gutses hollering ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOO’. This can be easily remedied by loving your new awareness and then removing your allowance from taking it on. Sticking with it though, you’ll be an empathic compassionate savant in no time.

5.  Energy healing gives you permission to say “not today”

Those unexplained feelings or tears, for a sensitive, when you are in awareness and there’s nothing ‘on paper’ for the sensitive to say something is not going to plan in their life, can often be attributed to someone else in their circles. That’s when you are able to launch into your FAQs and say “not today, not on my watch”. There is a common misconception with a sensitive soul that it’s inevitable to take on other people’s gunk. It comes down to your free will and personal allowance. Energy Healing uses a process that cleans out your cellular memory so significantly, that you can easily go into a supermarket on the busiest shopping day, you can go to a festival and arrive home in good spirits and uplifted instead of having to go to bed for three days to cope with the energy hit. You are allowed to say “I don’t want to feel like this anymore”.

A word of warning as I come to the conclusion of this ‘how to not feel like your life is falling into an abyss anymore’ missive, sometimes, you may have to start saying to the people around you “that’s your shit, it’s not mine”. Depending on the level of personal and physical safety you feel in your everyday life situations, you may be able to say it out aloud or you might have to say it in the privacy of your own car, bedroom or in the shower/bathroom when no one else is around. Either way, please know you should speak it, get your voice box to move so that there’s no doubt anywhere that you want to be free of the burden for good.

Enjoy your new life and energy healing. You won’t regret it.

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