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5 Most Common Ailments And The Messages They Have For You

Amanda Foy
Written by Amanda Foy

Wow, the energy in this year of completion has been pretty full on. Yes? Maybe you have used this year’s energy to charge you up and go from strength to strength. Maybe your most spoken sentence this year has been “I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

This was the first year, in I don’t know how many years, that I came down with what we call the dreaded lurgy here in Australia. I completely lost my voice, like gone, and the snot fairy come to visit to such an extent that I had to go to bed for a couple of days. Talk about panic. My whole business is speaking. I can use hand signals and write notes for my family or try and whisper, but for clients wanting their energy recalibrated, that part had to go on hold.

As it turned out a few days before I lost my voice, I’d participated in a workshop and didn’t properly prepare or protect my energy. I spoke that my greatest fear was that I would be forced to stop speaking about my work. Four days later, my fear came to a reality.

That’s what I’m going to spell out for you today. To reframe the title, I’m going to show you what top five bodily reactions, to some fear you are processing, look like.

My work is founded on the notion that emotional trauma makes you sick and we all have triggers that show up in our lives that fire off the flight, fight or freeze response in our body. That response is what creates the ailment.

As always, please know this is not being provided as medical advice, rather a piece of the puzzle as to why the medical things keep showing up. This will give you some direction on positive actions you can take in your personal development. With my research and the outcomes with my clients, I want to give you permission to go into a high level of expectation of returning to wellness more quickly if you include emotional upsets/triggers and traumas to work out why you are sick again. If not sick again, but sick for the first time in ages is more your thing, then joining the dots should be easier. You look for something that’s causing you distress and go from there.

Also, just to bring in an important part of the dot joining too – the first three ailments can also be exacerbated by food intolerances, so check on your body’s capacity to handle dairy and wheat too.

Ok, grab your water and let’s get into it, we are going to start at the bottom, and work up. Literally.


Truly an unpleasant experience given that most times there’s a fair bit of pain associated too. Energetically speaking, this is a giant clean out. Think back to when the last time you had about and go through the 2-12 hours prior to the evacuation.

Inna Segal says that it means “feeling uncomfortable with decisions you have made. Unsure how to ask for help. Feeling helpless, lost, unsupported, insecure and confused. Experiencing fear and apprehension.

Louise Hay says “fear, rejection, running off”.

If you have been around people who are energy thieves, they could have filled you up with their negativity and your body had to get it all out in one hit. If those people had prepared food that you ate and infused it with their negativity, hate or lack mentality, your body can trigger and need to get that out quickly too.

Hot tip for anyone that hates cooking and prepares meals for your family, if you are thinking negatively about anything it’s going into the food, so they either won’t like it or it might make them unwell.


As with diarhhea, this is also another evacuation process in your body. Louise Hay says this is a violent rejection of ideas. The same can be said with ingesting food prepared by someone similar to the person mentioned in point 1. It’s also evacuation from the stomach and the emotion associated with the stomach using the Chinese Medicine information is disgust. The stomach can also be linked to difficulties with new information or essentially change. Too much information at once and it can’t be processed, so it comes out.

The best way to work through this one is to look at where you might be wanting to get your own way, and what fear you are operating from that is preventing you from seeing a possible new way to grow. Is there any link to a feeling of disgust towards yourself or others as part of this process?


That feeling when you think you are swallowing razor blades, what your body is really saying to you is that you are on the defensive, controlling and fearful.

Anything to do with your throat is all about communicating and the minute you swallow your words, the words you really want to say, your throat/mouth is going to pay for it. This works for both words that are mean spirited as well as well meaning but you are too frightened to say them in case it makes your world blow up.

I share this in such dramatic terms, because it’s one of the greatest things I see in my practice. People are so frightened of speaking their truth it paralyzes them with worry and in turn, creates significant physical responses that bring high quantities of pain. The pain is the part that is your key to freedom. You are experiencing horrible physical pain by swallowing what must be spoken, you are paying the price all on your own. It’s a major part of a bigger picture where penance energy is involved. If you speak your truth you’re going to pay for it. When you don’t speak your truth, you pay for it. Either way, your neural pathway to the story wins, because you are paying for it. Do you need to go and read that bit again?

When we don’t speak our truth, we are actually judging those around us as people who cannot handle our truth. Speaking your truth is actually the most loving thing you can do for anyone because you are standing there in your light giving them an opportunity to show you who they really. Best still, the Universe gets to play it’s hand in lining everything up for you so that you can live in a non-penance state each day by either bringing people into your life who are on the same page, as well as giving those who aren’t on the same page, the opportunity to go to a different book store with all the titles they will love reading.

Everyone deserves to be in their favourite bookstore with matching bibliophiles.


Have you ever lined up the best job interview known to mankind or a date with someone you’ve been interested in forever and you wake up and there’s this dirty great big cold sore on your lip?

Here’s what you are emotionally dealing with: a PROFOUND fear of rejection.

Inna Segal says that this can be about difficulty communicating your desires because of fear of rejection or of not being liked.

Manifesting a big chunky thing on the part of your body that people focus on when you speak is an energetic form of self-sabotage where you create the piece of spinach on your front tooth so that rejection is already believed to be the only option.

Working on your self-worth and your definition of success in whatever you feel fearful of rejection with and you can kiss that cold sore good-bye.


First and foremost, before I go into the emotions on this one, water intake is a really big big contributor to headaches. You need your body to be fluid and when your organs are also hydrated, the emotions can’t have such a big impact.

So, headaches, Inna Segal says on this one: stress, tiredness, seriousness, too much going on. Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, overcrowded, frustrated and undermined. There’s also a great deal of information about self-sabotage with judgement and criticism and that big fat pointy angry finger in the mirror saying “you suck”.

From my research, headaches are a result of trying to control things that you would do well to surrender to what is, and then re-evaluate based on your now and what you are capable of changing and what you aren’t. Oh, and I repeat drink more water.

If you would like to invest in The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal, I would recommend it. If you still can’t join the dots, track me down on facebook or through my website and book in a session.

Health, happiness and joy to you

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