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The Marketing FIASCO Behind Manifesting (and It’s Hurting Women and Young Girls Most of All)

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

The healing art of manifesting and the Law of Attraction has turned into a marketing FIASCO!

The accumulation of things upon things with a habitual and instinctual concern about what others think before valuing your own self-worth is stealing time and energy from your life!

The accumulation of things upon things to keep up with other people’s standards and in favor of TEMPORARY joy is leading to excessive anxiety, stress, and eventual breakdowns (especially for women and young girls)!

The truth is…

Your precious life is much more than your ability to manifest “things.”

If you want to FEEL better about your life, start looking deeply at your inner world (your energy). The more you understand why you attract what you attract, the easier it’ll be to course-correct and create a FULL and RICH life.

The more you understand why you attract what you attract, the easier you’ll be able to answer that inner ache wondering if there’s more to your life.

When you know yourself better, you can DO better.

YES, invest in a quality and loving relationship with yourself, first and STOP wasting time putting your “intentions out to the Universe”.

Are you feeling the urgency?

The idea behind “instant manifestation” must be addressed and healed BEFORE jumping back to “normal” or defining your “new normal” as we shift out of the recent months from “sheltering in place”.

As quickly as you want things to go back to “normal”, please make sure YOU don’t.

My 52-year-old heart knows this to be true…

  • The perfect body image isn’t equivalent to a healthy one if it means you’re using a mirror to pick yourself apart.
  • A big house isn’t equivalent to a happy home.
  • Wealth to possess more things doesn’t exclude you from having a detrimental impact on the environment we ALL share.
  • Bigger, better, faster, more, and “instant” manifestation of things is NOT the same as a GOOD QUALITY of life that includes more MEANINGFUL experiences, LOVING relationships, and a PLETHORA of opportunities.

Signs that it’s time to nurture your energy…

  • You’ve already given up, let go of your dreams, and/or settled for mediocre relationships and mediocre living (taking whatever you can get).
    Have you talked yourself into settling for less?
  • Your vision boards and writing yourself a check from the Universe have only taken you far.
    Have you talked yourself into believing you weren’t meant for more?

Your God-given birthright is to live ABUNDANTLY!

I, too, want you to enjoy a FULL and RICH LIFE with everything you want in it (not just acquire things you think you need to mask the pain).
There’s no amount of concealer that good! Am I right? 😳

What do the planets in retrograde have to do with all of this?

Everything (because everything is energy and energy is everything). You’ve likely experienced the moon cycles and how they impact you. You may even be more familiar with the much talked about Mercury in Retrograde, but there’s more

There are a lot more planets in the Universe supporting you!
Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Retrograde at the time of this blog (and some will be stationed retrograde for several months).

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, the Universal energy is influencing how you think about your life (what you value, your relationships, your inner world, and spiritual expansion).

The influence is there—supporting you achieving more clarity about your life (it’ll show up through the tension you feel). But it’s up to you if want to explore your inner world and make the necessary adjustments.

Many look for their path as they journey through life. I have found more AHA moments and bliss creating my own path working in harmony with the Universe! That path isn’t always paved and lined with daisies. Many times I have to clear it with a machete to see it!

When the path has been cleared (when you’ve addressed the energy, the emotions the feelings you’ve attempted to ignore and suppress), life becomes so much lighter, brighter, aligned, and purposeful! The Universe is supporting you!

Trust the Universe. Trust the Process.

It’s time to infuse your life with high vibration invested in love for yourself and your life! Sometimes that includes a little tough love in favor of the greatest and highest good.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve lived life and you’ve been through some shit. Tap into the energy of your resilience! You’ve got this!!

To be sure, chasing down material things you think you need in favor of temporary joy is DRAINING your precious energy!

It’s out of alignment.
It’s inauthentic.
It’s BLURRING personal boundaries.

It’s time to think smarter (not harder) and love your dream life into reality fulfilling every area of your life (from personal to professional).

I see you.
I feel you.
I love you.

Your experience now isn’t your permanent situation.
Your ability to master your inner world is where you have some control (and it’ll feel so much more empowering to you over worrying about things you can’t control in the world around you).

What will your new beginning look like?

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About the author

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of Your Energy Makeover, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership, and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches her students to overcome and heal from abuse, obesity, and depression.

Maria has impacted the lives of millions through her online programs and social media presence. Maria has created a space for others to find self-love, self-discovery, self-improvement, and a renewed trust in their own intuition that answers the inner ache for those wanting more meaning and fulfillment in life.

Maria's purpose is to educate individuals to the reality that everyone (no exceptions) is a Sacred Thumbprint of the Universe (an extension and expression of the Universe) and therefore have an innate ability to work in HARMONYwith the Universe by integrating their own Spiritual Force supporting the creation of joyful, successful, meaningful, and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria's proven that her real and practical approach and systems work with clients around the world who've experienced massive breakthroughs.