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Struggle Living More Consciously? 3 Ways To Instantly Connect

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

You’ve decided to awaken your intuition and live more consciously and connected to the Universe, but you’re struggling. If you’re just starting out, then something like a meditation or a gratitude practice can feel forced and disconnected. Let’s face it, it feels unnatural, right?

That’s far removed from connection to your higher self and the Universe you were looking for. The more forced it feels the less likely you’ll want to keep up any Spiritual practice.

You don’t want that!

So let’s talk about 3 tips to help you more successfully connect with the Universe (and your higher-self and intuition) and live more consciously.

1.  Go To The Beach

“Let’s go the beach, beach, let’s go get away.” Nicki Minaj had it mostly right and if you can’t get yourself physically there for this mini exercise, then go there in your mind’s eye. You are designed with the ability to daydream (so find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted and see yourself on the beach).

Sit on the beach and ask yourself these thought provoking questions…

  • Is it possible to count how many sand pebbles makes up the beach? Look around you, how much sand is there? Pick up a handful of sand and let it sift through your fingers.
  • Is it possible to count how many drops of water make up the ocean? Look out to the ocean as far as you can see. Watch the tides as they come in and go back out over and over and over again without fail—without hesitation—and never-ending. 
  • Is it possible to see where the sky begins and ends?  Look up… how far can you see out into the sky? 

Listen to the sounds around you and take in all the elements of the sand, the water, and the sky.  The beach has long provided humans with the ideal location to relax and re-set. At the same time, there’s great power to connect with, too. A beach setting is both magical and powerful. This helps you connect to that same magic and power within you!  This is connecting to the your true self (where your own power resides).

There is no better place than the beach to see infinite abundance. No matter what is happening in the world around you the Universe shows you that more and infinite exist around you and within you.

When I’m feeling stuck, this gem of an exercise snaps me out of it!

2.  Try a Guided Meditation During God’s Hours

Meditation in the early hours supports your ability to keep the mind quiet (which is where most people struggle). If you can do it, get up between 4:00 am and 6:00 am to meditate. I’ve heard this referred to as “God’s hour” because of the calm, peace, quiet, and magic of a new day as the sun rises.

A ritual of alone time in the early hours is what sustains your ability to meditate for several reasons:

  • It’s too early for the rest of your household to interfere or interrupt you. You can guarantee uninterrupted peace in the early hours and therefore cultivate calm and stillness within. If you’re a busy-bee this may be unfamiliar to you and so the early hours are a perfect time to experience it.
  • It’s too early to think about problems because you’re too sleepy to think about them. Selecting an audio guided meditation is perfect for a sleepy head.
  • There’s nothing like expanding the power of intention by way of doing something uncomfortable to accomplish what you want to do. If you want to connect to the Universe, then getting up early is one way to let Her know your true desire.
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3.  Release To Recover

Don’t waste time trying to get away from what’s wrong through a Spiritual practice. I’ve often referred to these folks as “Spiritual Detour-ists” because they attempt to go straight into a Spiritual practice with the goal to move away from what’s wrong and replace what’s wrong by feeling better and at peace rather than working through what’s wrong with a Spiritual practice to help you achieve healing and peace. (Read that again more slowly).

Speaker, author and coach, Sean Stephenson‘s (aka @3footgiant) final words included, “This happened for me. It didn’t happen to me” when he sustained a head injury after an accident and didn’t make it through emergency surgery. This was a message he shared throughout his life and one that helped me recognize why I was struggling with my own Spiritual connection.

You see, if you’re just starting out your Spiritual journey, then the moment you attempt to sit in stillness, your mind feels busier than ever! Has this happened to you? Fear not… it’s totally normal!

Here’s another way to look at this…

If you’ve not attempted to connect with your higher-self before, then the millions of thought that come through the moment you do is like the Universe saying, “Finally!! You’re here!! I’ve been wanting to share all of this with you for so long!!” and the cluster of memories, thoughts, ideas, (and more memories) just keep downloading.

You’re not incapable of meditation. Quite the opposite—You’ve awakened your Spiritual Force!

Remember, “Release To Recover”. If you’ve been suppressing 40+ years of your own Soul Truth’s ability to express itself, then there’s a lot your human self has to catch up with. Let it release. There’s no need to understand any of it right away. You’re sitting in stillness has given space to the energy that’s been wanting to be released. That’s all.

Given enough time, this too shall pass and slow down.

If a particular memory and feeling keeps showing up for you, remember, “Release To Recover.” The Universe is working with you and perhaps the memory is showing up for you to be able to heal and grow. When you “Release To Recover” then whatever memories you work THROUGH will no longer have a hold on you.

Most definitely, seek a professional for help if you feel you need more support.

Sending you BIG LOVE!

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Maria Flynn

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