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How To Attract Abundance

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Has stress infiltrated your energy field making your world feel “limited” and far removed from attracting abundance?

Of late, as I feel the world around me, I sense people leaning into a “take what I can get while I can still get it” energy as well as feelings of grief and instability because they’ve lost routines, security, identity (who they are by how they show up).

This can happen through work, school, and socializing. You can experience grief through loss of recognition (not being seen and noticed).

You can improve how you attract abundance by becoming and being a better receiver of abundance (the abundance you want to experience in your life and improving what you want to create in an EMPOWERED WAY) —no matter what’s happening in the world around you!

During one of my recent Soul Coaching LIVEstreams in Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul membership I gently reminded everyone that even through stress (like that from Covid19), the Universal Laws don’t pause nor stop because it doesn’t like certain conditions.

Universal laws are always active and it’s up to you to engage the laws to maximize your experience and manifest what you desire.

If you’re not aware of Universal Laws, then your life experience is haphazard at best.

Another way of thinking about this is through the ancient Hermetic principle of cause and effect. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.

You have the power of choice.

1. You can be a person who is living in a world as an effect.

You are choosing to be the receiver of the effect of what’s happening in the world around you.

In other words, you’re choosing to live as a victim of your circumstances, your thoughts, your feelings/emotions, your moods, and of your subconscious programming. What are you attracting?


2. You can be a person who is the cause of your life.

You are the cause for your own reality. This is about self-mastery and living through and being more aware of your awareness than of your excuses.

It’s consideration of your Soul (your intuition) over an “I need to be right” ego, energy, and attitude over another human being.

Being the cause of your life is using and utilizing the Universal laws to cause greater things in your life over them using you (and you feeling like a ball bouncing around in a pinball machine). Please read that again.

The art of self-mastery is rising to the plane above, and knowing how to dominate your moods and emotions (observing them and utilizing them as a source of information).

It also means being able to manage and dominate your emotions no matter the environment you’re in. In other words, you can do this no matter where you are. Self-mastery is a continuous practice to be a better cause for what you desire, and you will get the effect.

If you’re still reading and have been a follower of my Facebook Page, One Wise Life, I have no doubt how much of a giver you are!

Now it’s time to attract abundance by amping up your ability to RECEIVE!

You see, the Universal Laws when properly understood, elevate and amplify the energy of Universal Divine Order as a whole. Receiving IS essential to all that is, and who you are, and why you’re here (no matter where you are in the world).

Yeah! The Universal law of giving and RECEIVING is a law.

Be the CAUSE to receive better
(the effect)

A few years ago, I said during one of my LIVEstreams on my Facebook page to imagine a world of better receivers of abundance. Seriously, take a minute to imagine that!!

If more people knew how to maximize the Universal laws for the greatest good we would have more people around the world soul-aligned, joyful, and living abundantly (by their definition of abundance).

You know this, you know how vital the Universal Law are!!

And so…

They who experience abundance like this, naturally exude or emanate an energy of joy (high vibrating) and CAUSE more abundance that (by default) influences the people around them, too. Good begets good!

If more people maximized the Universal laws, do you think they’d be prone to tearing others down and being destructive?

Soul-aligned, joyful and abundant people don’t do that.
There’s no incentive to step out of that Universal flow of abundance, right?

Be aware of the slippery slope here because abundant is not just about money.

There are unhappy people with a lot of money, who’s vibration influences the world around them on that level.

Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.

Will Smith, Actor

There are workaholics out there making a lot of money who are unhappy and exhausted working harder for fear of losing money (even though there’s plenty in the bank) and they emanate another (lower vibrating) wave of energy out into the world centered in lack.

Feel the difference?

Are you (unintentionally) creating BLOCKS of energy preventing your ability to receive and not even realize it?

For example:

  • Do you more often turn down offers because you feel you’re putting someone out or inconveniencing them? Do you feel like you’re unworthy or a bother to someone who’s offering to help you?
  • Do you more often dismiss someone when they try to tell you something?
  • Do you more likely argue with another expressing a different opinion than your own?
  • Do you control more and micro manage so things are done your way because you think it’s the only way it can be done correctly?
  • Do you habitually object when someone offers you a solution?
  • Do you complain when things you receive aren’t exactly as you think they must be?
  • Do you criticize others or attempt to manipulate them when they go against your agenda or don’t live up to your expectations?

The Universe loves you so much!!! This is why the Universe delivers matching your energy EXACTLY! Please DO think about that.

It’s up to you to clear up energetic clutter, and break down old belief systems that aren’t working anymore—and be open to receive abundance—improve what you recieve!

Become a better receiver and attract more abundance!

Be intentional, available, and present to receive. Don’t question it and don’t feel shame for not giving back a gift immediately when you receive (anything). Receiving is not a contest of who has the better, more thoughtful gift. Receiving is about receiving. Period. So be open to receive without excuses. Expand the energy of receiving through your presence upon receiving it fully, openly, and graciously.

Expand the energy of receiving through authentic gratitude. That is, be genuine in your expression of gratitude. How do you feel about your gift? Share your good feelings with the giver (it makes them feel GOOD when they feel you feeling good about them and their gift to you). Time, energy, and money went into your gift (momentum building energy), so when you receive the gift—EXPAND the energy through authentic gratitude and boost your own attractor factor, too!

Practice humility. The art of receiving is not a time to analyze the size of the gift nor is it a time to analyze how someone else feels about you. A gift (in any form) is not a measure of your worth, either. It’s also not a race for you to return the gift so that the playing field is equal. Nope! Let yourself receive FULLY and with humility. Someone was thinking of you!

Develop good and PRACTICAL habits of receiving as often as possible.

  • Receive the warm breeze on your cheeks.
  • Expand the feeling and positive energy from any honorable wins you experience (from personal to professional)…
  • Receive the love, connection, support from others…
  • Joyfully receive money flow of any kind…
  • Receive compliments (without the need to give a compliment back), just say THANK YOU and receive it fully…
  • Receive the green light, a parking space, toilet paper, even hand sanitizer!

Actively bring more physicality to the energy of receiving without any other agenda. Simply be open to receive and you’ll naturally be the cause to enjoy improved effects.

Until next time…

Explore, Expand, Enjoy!

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of Your Energy Makeover, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership, and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches her students to overcome and heal from abuse, obesity, and depression.

Maria has impacted the lives of millions through her online programs and social media presence. Maria has created a space for others to find self-love, self-discovery, self-improvement, and a renewed trust in their own intuition that answers the inner ache for those wanting more meaning and fulfillment in life.

Maria's purpose is to educate individuals to the reality that everyone (no exceptions) is a Sacred Thumbprint of the Universe (an extension and expression of the Universe) and therefore have an innate ability to work in HARMONYwith the Universe by integrating their own Spiritual Force supporting the creation of joyful, successful, meaningful, and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria's proven that her real and practical approach and systems work with clients around the world who've experienced massive breakthroughs.