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How To Eliminate Your ABUNDANCE Disruptor and Get Back Into ABUNDANCE Flow

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

There’s so much information out there about how the Law of Attraction and how create abundance and STILL no results. I think with so much effort in “doing” the work, we often miss the points of energy you unintentionally create that disrupt, cloud, slow your flow of abundance to a snails pace.

Have you experienced this?

One of the things we humans do in all our “humanness” is get in our own way of ABUNDANCE. We have fallen into a trap of doing so much that energy gets stagnant in all the over-efforting you do.

You unintentionally get in the way of your joy which naturally attracts abundance and replace it with stress about how you’re going to get what you want.

Stress, worry, and doubt about how you’re going to receive is what clouds your connection to the Universe and her infinite supply. 

One very common way we do this is by setting a goal and desire to manifest a dream into reality and then habitually sink into “How?” mode which inevitably gets you on the worry train—the doubt yourself train—and before long you land in the settle for less train.

Napoleon Hill, author of, Think and Grow Rich, refers to this as hypnotic rhythm. It’s a pattern you find yourself in that keeps you from achieving your goals.

If this is you, you’re creating an energetic “abundance disruptor” (I often refer to it as fragmenting your energy). This disrupter thwarts your flow because your thoughts slip into automated self-talk like “it’s too hard” or “it won’t work for someone like me” or _______________ (insert any limiting belief that starts the stress and anxiety that infiltrates your energy (your vibration) which then clouds (and influences) your ABUNDANCE flow and keeps your life (your dreams, desire, and goals) on hold.

Hypnotic rhythms like this change your energetic field (what you resonate and signal to the Universe) which then shifts your frequency. This is what leaves you wondering why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

And your results?
Well, they’re not feeling all that amazing, either.

I often share with my Soul Members that WHY is the highest vibrating question (because it opens up your awareness—the first element of transformation) and HOW is the lowest vibration (the example I just shared with you above explains this).

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To shift out of this cycle try these steps…

1. Let go.

Let go of needy, desperate, worry, doubt (low vibe) thoughts around your goals, dreams, and Soul purpose. Give it to your best partner in life—The Universe!

This should feel to you like you’re giving permission or allowing the Universe into your world and simply letting the Universe take care of it. When you do this, you let go of worry (even for a moment) and shift into allowing and letting it happen (because that’s literally what’s happening)!

Take advantage of this precious time to then expand the good vibes and move right into step two (action) below in a joyful, curious, and CONSISTENT way.

**Remember your intention is the invitation to the Universe about what you want, and consistency is what creates it.**

Keep these steps clean (energetically clean) because what you’re doing is trusting the Universe and trusting the process and trusting the outcome to serve you. No exceptions.

If you can do step and two (one right after the other) without disruption or false promises of “I’ll get to it later” then you stand a much better chance of invoking the Law of Attraction in your favor!

2. Take action.

Take action by asking yourself this: “What can I do right now that supports what I want?”  Pay attention to the first thing that comes through you about what to do. This is allowing your intuition to merge with your intellect, so you can take responsible authority about what happens next. This is a lesson we drive home in Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul.

Depending on where you are in your life journey this could mean anything from starting research to implementation.  It’s all good—you’re taking action to move the needle!

Stay consistent.
Have fun.
You so got this!

3. Generate the feel-good high vibes.

Brendon Burchard, author of High Performance Habits share this often. If you’re not feeling the joy then generate the joy!

See it happening as a movie running through your mind and heart until you feel it vibrating in your cells. Summer McStravick calls it FLOWdreaming.

When I do this, my heart feels like it’s vibrating and I feel it move into my shoulders.  Some confuse this energy with “nerves”.  Reassess it because it may actually be something exciting to you!

BIG DREAMS will stir things up in you! Go ahead and let yourself feel the joy of seeing it happen. Smile!  The moment you feel that anxiety with ‘HOW’ then go back to the first step.

ABUNDANCE is naturally attracted to joy!

4. Stay out of criticism cycle. (This is a BIG ONE).

Your dreams and Soul Purpose is sacred and while I love accountability partners—sharing with everyone isn’t beneficial. Not everyone is on the same page and that’s ok.  Simply, be aware of this. 

What you want is important enough to be delicate, discerning, and extremely selective about who you share it with.  If you were a parent to an infant would you let your baby be with anyone you meet?  Of course not!  Treat your goals and dreams the same way!

Your dreams are your baby! 💚

In time, you’ll build the energetic momentum along the path of creating your dreams.

In time, you’ll reach a time when you’ve expanded your energetic stamina to withstand more from others around you simply because you’ve given yourself time to realize and experience what’s possible (no matter what others think, say, or do around you).

For now, if you’re just starting keep your circle small.

These are the steps I do for most anything I truly desire. They’re taught by most master teachers because it helps wipe out DOUBT from your equation.

This is important to remember because you don’t want to fall into a cycle of desiring something and then equally doubt yourself in creating it. One cancels the other. No bueno!

Focus on these steps and give yourself a chance to realize (feel) every step toward your dreams.  The more evidence you get about what’s possible the higher your vibration and you’ll naturally expand your amazing attractor factor!

As always, practice, practice, practice.

The 2nd element of transformation is repetition.

Until next time…

Explore, Expand, Enjoy!

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

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