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4 Ways Manifesting and Pushing Past Comfort Zones Work TOGETHER

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Pushing past comfort zones (even just a little bit) will help you discover new thoughts, new ideas, new solutions, experience new feelings, new actions, and (most important) new RESULTS!  It’s the results that enable you to make SMARTER decisions moving forward.

Smarter decisions give birth to better results deepening your hunger for more (a lot more)! Pushing your comfort zones is the necessary ingredient necessary for you to manifest and create the ABUNDANT life you seek.

By purposely and intelligently pushing your comforts zones, your brave meter increases (and continues to increase). Conversely, choosing to stay in your comfort zone is extremely dangerous.

Seeking comfort is dangerous. It leads to being fat, being broke, and staying in relationships with no passion. Comfort is a padded cell.” ~Sean Stephenson

TRUTH BOMB: Anything short of actively creating your life is a choice to live by default and in mediocrity.

Staying in your comfort zone is dangerous. It’s what builds walls, keeps you living in fear, it immobilizes you, sabotages you, it leaves you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and sad—it keeps you living a dis-eased life.  A choice to stay in your comfort zone is why you’re most likely feeling stuck (in any area of your life).

Conforming to fit into what everyone else is doing (or expects you to do)  is also a slippery slope cheating you out of living your life soulfully, joyfully, and ABUNDANTLY.

Think deeply about manifesting for a minute…

Manifesting and creating an ABUNDANT lifestyle is unique, organic, and holds infinite variety for everyone. No exceptions. CLICK HERE to learn more about what may be BLOCKING your abundance.

Pushing past comfort zones supports your ability to manifest!

1. You’ll Awaken Your Creativity

Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians. Every single one of us has a spark of creativity and genius within! By pushing past your comfort zone, you’re tapping into creative thinking, solution thinking and “out of the box” thinking.

You’ll tap into creative ways to approach life unique to you. New ideas will flow through you and your enthusiasm to experiment, test, refine, rethink, and redo increases and so creativity has no choice but to also come through you.

By tapping into creativity, you tap into the highest part of your self—aligned with the Universe or your Creator. Creator and Creative have the same root word, “crea” (to CREATE). Coincidence? I don’t think so.

2. “Problems” Will Give Rise To Your Breakthroughs!

Purposefully pushing past comfort zones NOW (even in small ways more consistently) makes it easier for you to get through unexpected struggle LATER.

The more you practice applying your creative juices to push past self-created limiting beliefs now, then (over time) you’ll naturally focus your energy on solution-oriented thinking versus succumbing to overwhelm. The more you get comfortable with being uncomfortable then when uncomfortable shows up unexpectedly you’ll manage it so much better.

Shit happens… that life! It’ll show up in your life GUARANTEED and some of it will suck beyond measure. But, the bottom line here is that you’ll be able to manage it much better for yourself and empower yourself continuously because you’ve shifted to solution-oriented thinking. The magic is you turning shit into fertilizer!

3. You’ll Attract (Better) Opportunities

That’s right, you’ll get your brave on each time you crush a comfort zone! You’ll shift from needing to plan everything to death or (falsely) wait for the “right time” to now understanding what healthy risk-taking feels like! You’ll enjoy the adventure ahead by just going for it. You won’t shy away from opportunities that show up. Instead, you’ll dive in and trust in you, your ability, and your creativity to figure it out.

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”  ~ Sir Richard Branson

On a personal note: I’ll never forget the time I was in communication with one of the teachers from the movie, The Secret. He asked me to do small odd jobs like editing which was fun and kept me reading and editing personal-development topics (adding to my own education). Then one day, he said, “Maria, do you think you can configure a webinar for me?”  My answer…”I’ve never done that, but I trust in my ability to figure it out.” Because of this energetically honest and confident answer, he gave me a shot and I figured it out.

But even better… doing this project meant more time with him building a rapport and an invitation to appear on the webinar with him simply because he trusted me. The webinar was a HUGE SUCCESS!  After which, he graciously coached me because he noticed my innate gift to teach, lead, and connect with people via video.

For the record, back then I thought he was crazy about me being on video (I used to run away from cameras of any kind, but I pushed past that comfort zone, too). Fast forward to today and I have over 280K Facebook followers, a fanbase across the globe, and successful online coaching programs helping others heal, overcome struggle, and create ABUNDANT lifestyles.

I’m sharing what works and what I’ve seen work with others consistently. When strategies work (like the ones I’m sharing in this blog and in my programs) there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.

4. “Settling For Less” Is Removed From Your Menu Choices

Pushing past your comfort zones inevitably brings you personal fulfillment. And, the more you push past comfort zones the happier you are with you, and the more confident you’ll feel too!

Pretty soon, you’ll be searching for ways to not only challenge yourself, but you’ll actively and purposely challenge yourself in the areas of life most meaningful to you so that you grow and experience life in better and more meaningful ways!

As your confidence increases, you’ll become less tolerant of the things that strip you away from living the life you want. You’ll release that which doesn’t serve you (including the energy-draining people in your life) and you’ll harness what you value most.

You’ll purposely look for the value that comes with change. Because… without change, there would be no life, no growth, no ability to experience something new and better!

You’ll expand beyond measure and experience personal fulfillment that’s yours and yours alone, continuously creating an ABUNDANT lifestyle.

Is There More For You? 

Without a doubt, the answer is YES!  There is more… there’s always more. 

Do you question if the sun will rise tomorrow?
Do you question if the sun will set?
Do you question if seasons will come or if they’ll go?

You are a part of this infinite Universe (an extension and expression of the Universe) who delivers ABUNDANTLY, consistently, with precision, and without fail.

The Universe provides proof everyday of her infinite ABUNDANCE. This is already built in you, too. But, just like the sun and moon know what to do to work with Her, so must you. ABUNDANCE is already yours. Believe it!

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Until next time…

Explore, Expand, and Enjoy!

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Maria Flynn

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