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Practical Habit That Help You Manifest

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Let’s be real about manifesting—sometimes it works and sometimes you struggle. The people who live ABUNDANT Lifestyles are constant creators who also experience ebb and flow (good days and not so good days). How they manage and move through it is what supports their continued ABUNDANCE for the long-term. 

Manifestation is taking your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration, and making them a reality. Honestly, how frustrating does it feel when you struggle manifesting? An ABUNDANT lifestyle doesn’t happen by accident. It has nothing to with luck, either.  ABUNDANCE lifestyles begin with your mindset and your habits that support your ability to manifest.

Never let the struggle of NOT manifesting be a deterrent. In fact, when you find yourself struggling with manifesting, consider it an invitation to explore and improve your life, your mindset, your habits, and more. The discoveries will unfold personal empowerment (it has to), because when you know better you DO better.

To improve the quality of your life,
you must improve the quality of your thinking and your doing.

Most important to understand is that manifesting “the thing” you want has little to do with actual “thing.” You see, no result is a result of what you’re doing—or not doing prior. (You might want to read that again). 🤓

If you’re struggling with manifesting, then it’s time to step and take a closer look…

Does what you want represent you living as a fuller expression of your Soul Truth? (Some refer to this as your authentic self). And so, if you were to have it, will it represent an even fuller expression of your Soul Truth and of you living a fuller life?

If your answer is ‘YES’—SUPER! This is good stuff because it’s aligned with your “why” and your “purpose” and you’ll have a natural and never-ending fuel that’ll keep your energy alive as you work to manifest.

If your answer is ‘NO’—then it’s time to pause and investigate. What is the motivation behind your desire? If it’s less than aligned with your Soul Truth, know now that you’ll find yourself chasing what you want down. You’ll find yourself unfulfilled and drained and that’s no bueno.

When you struggle with manifesting don’t delay! Jump into the practices and the habits that’ll strengthen an ABUNDANT mindset getting you back into alignment expanding your awesome attractor factor. 

1. Explore Masked Beliefs

What is your mind saying, thinking, repeating to you when you’re not actually thinking about it. In other words, what’s going on in your mind that’s on auto-pilot? This is the root of beliefs and energy you expand and therefore attract. 

  • Do you know about the common practices for creating ABUNDANCE (consistent intention and action, visualization, journaling, etc…) , but don’t actually practice them? What’s preventing you from practicing what you know? Knowledge is not power, only when you use the knowledge does it become powerful and empowering.
  • Is there any part of you that is afraid to receive? Does it show up in other ways like not accepting gifts, and saying no to those who want to support your goals. Are you saying no to personal quiet time for deep thinking or a spiritual practice that welcomes guidance and inspiration? What’s going on there and why are you saying no?
  • Do you give yourself time to nurture you with things like healthy eating and good quality sleep that’s restorative for you? Eating and sleeping well positively influences your attitude, your mindset, your clarity, and your overall energy. You deserve this as much as anyone else. 
  • Are you resisting placing yourself in the areas that support what you want? Have you resisted getting the coaching, the guidance, the programs, or the mastermind groups that support your ability to create? 
  • Is there any part of you that feels you don’t deserve what you want for any reason? Perhaps your childhood included people who were demeaning and told you that you’re undeserving. Is that sticking around in your beliefs for any reason? Who from your past placed their values and beliefs UPON YOU? (Remember, that’s their stuff not yours). 
  • Is there any part of you afraid that relationships may change after you manifest and create ABUNDANCE?  Are you afraid of being so powerful? Playing small doesn’t support anyone (least of all you).

2. Examine The Root Of Your Emotions

Examining your emotions around what you want to create is key to identifying the energy your emanating (and therefore attracting).

  • How do you feel when you examine your emotions around what you want? When you think about it, do you feel stress or excited?
  • When you think about what you want does it feel heavy and nearly impossible to achieve?
  • What’s coming up for you? Is it associated with something else unresolved and not healed in your life?
  • Why and where can you make adjustments to improve the feeling?
  • If you don’t feel enthusiasm and joy, what can you do to bring the joy?

3. Examine Where Your Own Energy is Getting Fragmented

What other habits are you practicing that thwart your ability to create? If these habit aren’t supplementing your life for the greatest good then it’s creating clutter and fragmented energy. This clouds the signal between you and what you want the Universe to hear so She can deliver. This slows your progress down and puts a bigger gap between you and what you want to create.

  • Perhaps you’re rushing and missing the signs from the Universe (or see the signs and don’t express gratitude for it). If the Universe shows you signs, don’t delay, expand it through gratitude even more.
  • What throws you off course?  For example, long inebriated weekends can take days to recover from and can set you back. Are you doing this daily, weekly, monthly? Just like an addict must stay clean to stay on course, identify what trips you up and implement what keeps you on the path of creation consistently.
  • Examine what your language does to your energy. The most common way to weaken and fragment your energy is through habitual “pre-qualifying” language (spoken and unspoken) creating a bigger distance between you and what you want. These sound like, “I’ll be happy when ___________.”, ” I’ll feel freedom when ____________.”, “If only he/she would _____________, then__________.” This is skipping to the future missing the vital and important energy in your NOW (your present) and what you choose to either adjust or expand and then attract from there.

4. Accept That Stress and Tension Are Part of the Equation

Humans are conditioned to run, suppress, or find distraction away from stress and tension. Deliberate creation (manifestation) includes tension. It’s the necessary ingredient to your transformation—to your creation and manifestation! Stress, when aligned with your purpose, becomes EUSTRESS (that’s good stress…the kind that pulls you forward).

When you are committed to creating ABUNDANCE, you are inevitably pushing comfort zones and therefore you will feel tension. There’s no way around it. Remember that for the catapult to throw something far ahead it requires tension. The tighter the tension, the farther distance you go.

Dreams require SACRIFICE. There’s no way around it. ~Gary Vaynerchuk

You can’t say you want something and turn around do the things that don’t take you there. Examine your history around this. You already know this doesn’t work.

Is the time, energy, and resources supporting you moving the needle forward (and therefore supporting expansion of your energy and your attractor factor) or is it keeping you in place (or even worse…leaving you behind and setting you back)?

ABUNDANCE living isn’t created by chance and happenstance. It includes a commitment to self-mastery expanding your talents, strengths, abilities, your mindset, improving your habits, and more. When you do this the Universe has no other option but to expand it. It’ll arrive in and through you (never to you).

This is the stuff that brings your own life into beautiful existence because you chose to thrive.

Ultimately, your results are a reflection of you. If you want to accomplish more you must become more.

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Until next time…

Explore, Expand, Enjoy!

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of Your Energy Makeover, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership, and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches her students to overcome and heal from abuse, obesity, and depression.

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