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Why Some Manifest Faster Than Others

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Hello… and welcome to the One Wise Life podcast helping you create an abundant life! I’m your no-nonsense host, Maria Flynn.

This week’s podcast is inspired by one of our members, Daren, who wrote to us. He says…

Hi Maria This question relates to energy, healing, spirituality, relationships, mindset, Law of Attraction, or building a Heart-Centered Business. With all of these as real life experiences, why is it that with all of these, people would be able to put the same effort and time yet some are able to move forward quicker than others. Why is that? Is it just naturally how things are for people or is there something else to it. Take energy and healing as an example. People could put the same amount of time and effort yet one will change and heal energy quicker. Is it because of the mindset of enough is enough and am tired of this or is it something else?” ~Daren

I used to wonder this myself until I figured a few things out about how people where manifesting more and faster. We’ve got to pull back the curtain a little more than what you see in front of you.

I’ll start with one my more popular and often shared quotes , “Everything is energy and energy is EVERYTHING!”  … This is HUGE when it comes to applying the Law of Attraction and managing the Law of Attraction so that you manifest and experience more of the things you want more consistently in your life.

What does that mean exactly??? Well…let’s look at it this way…

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS in play. In other words, it skips no one and you are already engaging it and experiencing it based on who you are and what you do consistently.

Your energy is your frequency (what you’re putting out there) and it’s your signal to the Universe. What you’re experiencing in your life is simply a reflection of your energy.

Another way of looking at this is by looking at your life as your business and you are the CEO of your business. If you don’t like the results of your business, then what does the CEO do? A smart CEO is constantly aware of his business and a CEO also has a vision for the future of his business. That being said, a CEO is also planning, taking action, and making adjustments and changes where they see necessary.

One real difference from those who experience more of what they want is simply because what they think and what they do and how they live is a greater match to the greater vision for they want.

Now… let’s look at it from the perspective energy.

Energy never ceases. Energy gains in speed and momentum or it slows down and stagnates.

Those who manifest a bit faster are what we would say as living more “in alignment” … meaning, they are living who they are in every sense of the word.

So, they’ve done things like:

1. Identify Patterns That Keep Their Life On Hold

That is, they don’t say they want more money, a meaningful relationship, or a bigger house and then don’t do the things that match accomplishing this by doing things like spending hours binge-watching TV or scrolling through social media news feeds. They take into account that time is the most valuable resource and so they won’t waste it on drama (in or out of the office).

It does mean, however, that they are dedicated to working and outgrowing their current station in life. They’ve identified passion and make time to explore it so that it is included in their life in some way. What may start out as exploration is all a part of the greater vision they have for their life ahead.

2. Failure Is Not In Their vocabulary

Dean Graziozi, real estate mogul and author of Millionaire Success Habits, says that successful people are successful because they’ve learned how to fail often and fail fast. That means that they take responsible action and use the results of their action as information to make better informed decisions moving forward.  It has nothing to do with failure and everything to do what you choose to do responsibly and do more consistently and more often until you achieve your desired result.

This is getting out of your overthinking state of mind. You see, the Universe might wake up with what you think about, but it’s your actions that command the attention of the Universe so that she can deliver to you.

It never ceases to amaze me how often people overlook the 20 years of work before becoming an “overnight success.”


Effective, short, and a practical way to meditate so you can feel more like yourself and clear up the fog.

3. Think Momentum Of Energy

My personal favorite quote is from T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind. He says, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” For me this is possibly the most important thing to remember because for me, this quote is all about who I have to become to experience the kind of life I want. And so, if I’m not doing the small things now to clearly signal who I am and where I want to go, there’s no reason to expect it in my future, either.

So, Darren, ask yourself, what do you want in your life? …and who do you have to become to signal that now in smaller more consistent ways so the Universe picks up your signal to deliver?

So for example, if it’s a high-level executive position you’re after, then what does the life of an executive look like day-to-day? Do they have a messy home? Do they dress sloppy? Do they eat junk food? Do they sit around all day watching TV? Of course not!  They likely wake up with an empowered morning routine. They fuel their engine (mind, body, and spirit) before the day gets started. They surround themselves with the people dedicated to greater vision which helps them expand their own energy and inspiration EVEN MORE!

It’s those smaller day-to-day actions you take that build that momentum of energy. In other words, do something today that your future self will be grateful for. By doing those things consistently, then you’ll support yourself to becoming the empowered person you need to be so that your ready to receive it when it arrives.

Which reminds me…

Have you ever wondered why most lottery winners go broke after only a few years of winning millions? It’s because they never built that momentum of energy and therefore never had a strong foundation. They where never prepared to receive it!

Remember, everything is energy and energy is everything!

Consider the momentum of energy your building day-to-day.

You so got this Darren!

I know it gets frustrating watching others excel, but does feeling frustrated fog the signal to the Universe, and create a stronger signal letting the Universe know you’re all about frustration, and therefore more frustration is what you get.

The next time you see people experiencing the the kind life if you want, then remember that the Universe is only showing you what’s possible and that it’s there for you, too! Otherwise, it wouldn’t exist in your world and wouldn’t be in your line of sight.

Stay in your lane, my friend.

Your vision for what you want in your life is your fuel. It’s what I call living your Soul Truth! And remember, you are a sacred thumbprint of the Universe. You are an extension and expression of the Universe and your life is a continued fuller expression of her!

Thank you so much for your excellent question, Darren!

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