Maria Flynn, Founder / Owner of OneWiseLife.com – your online resource dedicated to helping you tap IN and turn ON your inner wisdom and create the life you love.

Ahhhh…you decided to click the ABOUT tab!

I suppose this is where I’m supposed to write something pithy and creative about myself…

Where to begin????

I suppose from the beginning…

My personal journey has been a bumpy ride…with abuse, depression, obesity, self-hatred, bad relationships (particularly with narcissists), years of poor health and countless surgeries. However, they were the catalysts to discovering my unique skill to help shift my own energy and create a life I love that thrives in every way, that includes deeper and more meaningful relationships, expanded thinking, and definitely more joy.

Late into my 30s, I began a concentrated search for a happier life.  I hit a lot of dead ends and made many mistakes (also known as growth opportunities). My search led me down a road that literally brought me to my knees.  The thought of me not being around to watch my kids grow up shook me to my core. Without answers, I was forced to have faith in the only thing I knew best – me.

My journey brought me back to life.  Not just any life, either – an improved quality of life.  A life filled with more joy and passion, less stress and improved health.

A spiritual journey took over and spiritual healing changed everything.

Not only did I change…but it was also the catalyst that helped me embrace and understand my empathic and intuitive abilities eventually leading me to my soul’s purpose to help others thrive at life, too…

Does it mean my life is perfect? Yes and no.  I choose to view every “issue” as an opportunity for growth. You know, life happens and you get to decide how you want to live it and how you want to feel about it. I choose to celebrate life and thrive…and if you like what I have to offer, I presume you’ll stick around.


I believe there are a lot of you out there, like me – ACHING FOR MORE – wanting a life that includes more passion, joy and fulfillment on a deeper level.  I’m still on my beautiful life journey and I don’t expect it to ever end.

I’ve been a personal development writer for the better part of 10 years, my voice and graphics have captured the attention of professionals in the industry.  As an independent thinker and an avid reader… I’ve connected with a variety of other healers, teachers, coaches and authors. I have researched a plethora of information about energy, energy healing, spirituality, Law of Attraction, heart-centered entrepreneurship, relationships, personal development, parenting, affirmations and I find that there is still so much more to learn (thank goodness!!). It’s what keeps life exciting…some call it “aha moments.”

My life’s purpose is to help you open the doors WIDE and welcome abundance and joy and love…and to live life fulfilled in every way.

Creating One Wise Life is a celebration of everything I hold close to my heart…that has helped me (and others like me)…all in one online digital magazine for you to access 24/7.  The collection of information and resources available to you will help you stay tapped IN so that your inner wisdom shines and expands helping you create the life YOU LOVE!

Thank you so much for being here!

Enjoy, explore…expand,


PS…  Don’t forget to have fun. You have to have fun.  …and show up with an open mind.  And laugh. …And smile (often).

PPS… 😀